30 June 2013

raffles hotel and their pre-ramadan iftar

If you remember, I posted recently how difficult it is for me to limit my food intake. Here’s just one of the reasons why: I received an invitation to try Raffles Hotel’s Pre-Ramadan Iftar which I simply couldn’t say no to. I’m sure if you received an invitation to free food at an elegant hotel, you’d go too. Anyway, the hotel opened in 2007 and its primary distinct feature is that it’s shaped like a pyramid. Well, it’s located in Wafi which has an Egyptian architectural theme, so I guess it makes sense. I’ll photoblog a bit ok?

glass doors opening to the hotel entrance
the hotel lobby water fountain
a miniature model of Raffles Hotel, Singapore
statue of an ancient Egyptian
one of the pillars in the lobby with Egyptian designs
i love the huge ornamental lights hanging from the lobby ceiling!
beautiful flowers displayed on the tables
you can comfortably sit here while waiting in the lift waiting area
the lift waiting area on the 3rd floor
view of the lobby from the 3rd floor
As soon as Hubby and I stepped out of the elevator, we were greeted by a staff who directed us to Azur Restaurant where someone else checked our names on the list and showed us to our table.
colorful lanterns in the restaurant entry
And now, on to the food =)
these dried fruits and nuts were placed on all of the tables for the diners to nibble on
The salad bar

a miniature dhow adorned the salad bar
the entire salad bar set-up
I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the mains because there was always at least two people serving themselves, but it was a typical spread of Arabic food, including Hubby’s favourite: the roasted lamb ouzi.

image source
Here are the yummy assortment of desserts

I forgot to take photos of my plates of the salads and mains (or most probably I just wanted to devour the food right away), so this is the only shot I have of whatever I ate.
my helping of dessert
The slice of apple pie was very tasty; Hubby said the thin crust tasted like otap. The French mini-macaroons were sooo delicious! I’ve heard so much about them but I’ve never had the chance to try them, so when I saw these in the dessert spread, I took 3 pieces. Sobrang sarap talaga, I swear! Parang 2 bits of meringue with cream in between. The white chocolate pyramid naman had a smaller milk chocolate pyramid inside.

After we had our fill, we asked for green tea which the waiter gave us in a dainty white teapot, with a bowl of sugar cubes on the side.

Needless to say, Hubby and I had a very hearty meal that night.

Ramadan will be starting during the second week of July. That’s one month of fasting for Muslims. I just hope I’ll be able to lose some of my flabs during that time...unless I get invited to another sumptuous Iftar again =)

Raffles Hotel
Sheikh Rashid Road, Wafi
Tel: 04-3248888

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