18 June 2013

wasabi-coated green peas

Thanks to our manager who arrived from his business trip to Japan yesterday, I got to taste these peas for the first time.
Even though I still don’t know how to read Japanese, I knew what they were when he gave me the pack. Obvious naman kasi. And although I can’t bear spicy food, I was determined to try it, simply because they’re from Japan. And besides, I always use wasabi in the sauce for makis and sushis, so I guess I could handle them.

And they were good! Well, I liked them. Some of my colleagues didn’t, some did. I guess the strange spicy taste on an ordinary pea, plus the fact that it kind of clears the nostrils makes it a bit weird for some people.

Surprisingly, when I gave a small pack to Hubby (who likes spicy food) later that day, he almost spit out the one pea that he put in his mouth. Iba daw yung lasa; hindi nya type. Oh well, that meant more for me. And the good thing is, these peas are much more healthier than chips =)

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