04 June 2013

pinas trip: pinoy movies

As promised, I’m back! Ang bilis noh? Hahaha! Ok, honestly, as soon as I published my earlier post, my fingers were itching to blog. There’s a lot of things I want to share here kasi, and if I delay it more, I might forget about them or I wouldn’t be interested to blog about them anymore because my enthusiasm for them might die down or fade. Anyway, so, here I am.

My last post in May was a bit depressing. Well, I just couldn’t help it that time. I really was lonely. But do you know what cheered me up during my stay in the Philippines? Vice Ganda! I know, nakakaloka, right? Ako rin, natatawa ako sa sarili ko. But well, that’s the truth.

It started on the second night when I was lying in bed again, not at all sleepy even though it was past midnight already because I was still jet-lagged. I was tired of crying and feeling lonely so I decided to check the internet and watch a movie online for distraction. Since I didn’t want any heavy drama, I looked at the movies under the Comedy category, and since I heard that Sisterakas was a hit, I watched it. And obviously, natawa talaga ako...sobra! Ang kulit kasi ni Vice and Ai-Ai eh; Kris, not so much.

And since the movie helped lift my spirits, I watched another Vice Ganda film the following night: This Guy’s in Love with You, Mare. Again, I was laughing hysterically by myself in front of the laptop. I wanted to watch Praybeyt Benjamin after that, but I couldn’t find any available links. I began watching Hating Kapatid, but after 5 minutes into the film, I realized I’d already watched it years ago. So instead, I watched Every Breath U Take starring Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban, a light romantic comedy. Piolo was gwapo as usual (I don’t care if some people think he’s gay...basta physically gwapo sya sa paningin ko), and Angelica was naturally hilarious. Ang kulit lang.

I watched Pinoy movie after Pinoy movie every night except for my last night in the Philippines. It kept me from being depressed all the time. And since I still haven’t gotten over my crush over Rico Yan, and because I miss those dimples, I just HAD TO watch Got 2 Believe during one of those nights =)

So, that’s how I managed to stay sane that week. I still missed my family every day while I was there, but the loneliness wasn’t as strong compared to that first night. By Monday, I wasn’t crying anymore. Thanks to all those Filipino movies that may be considered by some as baduy or corny or jologs, but kept me company nonetheless.

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