05 June 2013

pinas trip: ninang-bjorn bonding

To continue with my short trip to the Philippines, aside from visiting my father-in-law and attending the wedding (of course, that calls for a separate post), the only other people I was able to hang out with were the members of one family: Ate Marge, Jhe, Weng, and Bjorn. We agreed to have lunch somewhere in Glorietta on the 22nd of May, so that Wednesday found us meeting up at McDonald’s where I met my inaanak for the first time.

According to his parents (Jhe and Weng), it takes a while for Bjorn to warm up to people he just met, but fortunately for me, he warmed up to me right away and showed his cute bibo self. Ok, I admit, it helped that I had brought a bulldozer toy which instantly made his eyes light up when I gave it to him (pang-suhol ba).

As we walked, Bjorn held my hand (yay! close kaagad!), and since the arcade games were on the way, he played a round of the basketball one and 3 (or was it 4?) rounds of the machine where you try to shoot the ball in the hole with the points to earn the corresponding number of tickets. To our amazement, he won 75 tickets on the first try, and then 100 on the second! Galing!

Once the little boy had enough fun, we had lunch at Don Henrico’s. The restaurant was my choice because I was craving for their buffalo wings. The last time I ate those was back in 2002. I was glad to see that unlike many of the restaurants in the metro, they haven’t changed the serving sizes at Don Hen’s. The portions that are good for 2 or 3 were good for 4 to 6 people.  Anyway, while waiting for our orders, we took pictures.

"Ninang" taken by Bjorn
wacky: look up!
After lunch, we strolled around Glorietta a bit. I had to buy some stuff for my sister at Bench, and then pick-up the gown that I had altered at Cinderella. During this time, I would ask Bjorn some simple questions to get him to talk, we would play hide-and-seek, and chase each other while his parents and aunt would follow us and look on in amusement. A few hours later, it was time to say our goodbyes.

The time we spent was short, but I really enjoyed bonding with my friends and my inaanak. Well, it’s always good to see old friends again...but it’s even better when their kid had a fun time with you too.
playing with his "Bob" as soon as they arrived at home
*all photos taken by Jhe and Weng


  1. huhuhu...i miss don henrico's! i miss the amazingly delicious pizza, and session road baguio, where the first branch of don hen's was established. ah...after more than a decade, i suddenly miss college days, all because of your blog post mentioning don henrico's, lol!

  2. Hahaha! Lucky for you we didn't take pictures of the food that day =)


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