18 June 2013

5th anniversary gifts

To avoid being disappointed or not happy with the gifts we receive from each other, Hubby and I have agreed that it’s simply easier to ask what the other wants. Sure it loses the thrill of surprise, but at least it saves us the trouble from wasting time thinking of what to give and roaming around the mall. Plus, at least we’re sure the other will like and appreciate the gift.

So anyway, when he asked me what I wanted as an anniversary gift, I said “I don’t know.” Seriously, hindi ko talaga alam kung anong gusto ko. He already got me the mixer last April, I didn’t need a new phone because my company phone was replaced with a new one recently, and I’m not that into jewelry or perfume. So you see, I really didn’t know what I wanted. However, he noticed that from time to time, I would search the net for tablets; not really the hi-tech ones with all sorts of features, but the simple ones where I could download e-books and read them. Still, I wasn’t that atat to get one. But when he asked me if I wanted a tablet, I just said “Sige.”

As for him, he also didn’t know what he wanted. Until one day, when we happened to be in Deira City Centre, he said he wanted shirts. Of course I couldn't give him ordinary shirts...branded dapat. So after walking around and browsing the shops, we finally entered the Fred Perry store where he tried on a few shirts.

So what did we get each other for our 5th wedding anniversary?  Here they are:
gifts that we both like = happy wifey & happy hubby

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