28 March 2013

who's not ready to wean from co-sleeping?

Last Monday night before going to bed, Caila told us that she wanted to sleep beside Yaya Juliet. So Hubby and I let her, knowing that (like the rest of the occasions when she said she didn’t want to sleep with us), after spending a few minutes in the other room, she would cry and go back to our bed. But to our surprise, she spent that entire night apart from us. A part of me was glad because it meant that she was slowly becoming independent. But a part of me just didn’t want to let her go just yet.

You see, she still co-sleeps with us; and although it makes our bed a bit cramped and our sleep uncomfortable (she sleeps like a ceiling fan, turning all over the place), I actually enjoy the closeness. I don’t care if some studies or experts say that kids her age should already be sleeping in their own beds and in their own rooms.  I prefer keeping her beside us for as long as she wants...because once she gets her own bed and room, there’s no turning back. I’ll probably have to force or pay her to sleep with us (of course, ‘wag naman sana).

The following night, our daughter said she wanted to sleep in the other room again. I didn’t want to spend another night apart from her (not yet, anyway) so I asked her to sleep with us instead. She didn’t want to at first, but after I gave her a long, tight hug, countless kisses, and told her that I really, really missed her the night before, she finally gave in. And ninamnam ko yung gabing yun! While she slept, I embraced her until my arms were beginning to numb or when she began to wriggle. I even breathed in her kiddie smell a few times.

Yes, one of us isn’t ready to wean from co-sleeping...and you can guess that that person is me =)

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