12 March 2013

dubai international boat show

It isn’t every day that we get the chance to visit exhibitions or shows in Dubai for free, so when one of our friends who works at DWTC said that she could give us passes to enter the International Boat Show, Hubby immediately told her to reserve tickets for us. 

We opted to visit last Saturday, and since it was the last day of the show, traffic was heavy going there and there were lots of visitors looking around. The public parking area near the venue was already full by the time we arrived at 5pm, so we had to park all the way at the other public parking area which was near Skydive Dubai. We didn’t mind much, though. The weather was cool and we enjoyed the views of the hotels and buildings we passed by on the way to the Dubai International Marine Club.
that's the famous Infinity Tower at the back
Upon entering the Registration Area, we immediately called Jhan (she was one of the Show Organizers), and within minutes, she arrived to give us the passes.
one of my original SFC sisters...and now one of our members in our KFC household!
After a few minutes of catching up and picture-taking with Jhan, Hubby and I submitted the passes to one of the Registration ladies, filled up the forms and dropped off the raffle coupons, and went through the halls, promenades, pavilions, and display areas. Naturally, being a boat show, there were so many amazing and beautiful boats and yachts on display. Of course, there were diving instruments, swimming accessories, and other boat-related stuff being sold as well, but being my first time to visit the Boat Show, what I didn’t expect to see were cars...but there were...luxury cars, of course.
I adore mascots, so when we saw this one from the Crocs stand, I just had to have my picture taken with it.
Where are the photos we took of the boats and yachts? There aren’t any...simply because Hubby just didn’t want to take pictures of them. Tama na sa kanya ang makakita ng ganon. Mas nagustuhan nya yung mga kotse eh. And he didn't even want his picture taken either.  Men...go figure!


  1. i like it that you're wearing barbie! :D

  2. Thanks, M! It's one of my favorite tops =)

  3. amazing pictures. i am getting jealous that why i am not there. such a nice place to capture these pictures. nice blog. thanks for sharing.
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  4. Thank you for your nice comments, Daisy Isabella. It was a nice place.
    Thanks as well for visiting my blog.

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