05 March 2013


Several times during the day, I have to provide reports, information or documents to colleagues and bosses who require them from time to time, and I’ve long accepted that it’s part of my job as an HR and Administration Coordinator. Usually, after giving them whatever they requested, I often hear a simple “Thank you” or “Thanks.” Of course, I’m glad that they appreciate what I did for them (whether it took me lots of effort or not), because it’s definitely better than receiving no acknowledgement at all (which, unfortunately, happens).

Then there are those words of gratitude and compliments I receive that are really heartfelt.  These really make my day and inspire me to do my job well.  Just a couple of hours ago, I was surprised to receive this sincere message in my e-mail from one of the managers here in our Dubai office.
If only he had copied my Line Manager in the message, that would be really great.  But of course, knowing that my work actually "amazed" someone, that kind of recognition was good enough for me.

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