16 March 2013

thank you sweets

I received all of these last week:
I got the first one, the Frey Chocobloc Orange bar, last Sunday from the manager who sent me the message I mentioned here.

The Thornton’s Dark Chocolates were given to me on Tuesday when a guest from Japan visited our office. It was his first time to come to Dubai and he was really pleased with how I took care of the arrangements for his trip (flight bookings, hotel reservation, transportation, etc.).

The third box contained these yummy treats:
One of our top managers in Japan who frequently visits gave me that one on Wednesday. Apart from the goodies he brings for all of the staff every time he comes, he always has a separate (smaller) box for me because of the arrangements I make for him.

So now we have all these sweets at home. If only we didn’t have diabetes in the family, these would have been consumed right away. But we do, so we can only have bites of them occasionally…and drink plenty of water and brush our teeth after.

Anyone want to share? =)

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