07 August 2010

peace offering

Last Thursday evening, I became annoyed with hubby (details and reasons of which are not worth mentioning).

While we were waiting for our ET friends to arrive, he worked away on his laptop and I watched a movie on television. I was giving him the silent treatment the whole time.

After a while, and after many attempts of trying to be cute (to pacify my annoyance), he went out to buy the stuff for our share of the evening. Actually, he wanted us to go out together, but one of us had to stay at the apartment in case anyone arrived (plus, I was still annoyed at him).

He returned about 45 minutes later.

As soon as he put away the stuff he bought, he held out a small box to me (in a pa-cute way) which contained a slice of the Fleur de Lys cake from Paul Café (one of my favorites!).

Now how could I stay annoyed with him after that?

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