07 August 2010

e.t. anniversary celebration

We were complete.

The ones who didn’t come really couldn’t because they weren’t here. The Tripod (Jap, Edmun and Chris) had left the UAE a long time ago, and Caloy was somewhere else in the Middle East because of his mission. So technically, it was another perfect attendance for ET.

This rarely happens (due to other commitments or activities in SFC or CFC), but because it was our anniversary, everyone made sure to come.

It wasn’t grand or anything. We had the usual food, conversations and movies until the wee hours of the morning.

But what I really like about our group is that despite our differences, we can really count on each other.

We have our regular get-togethers every first Thursday of the month and usually not everyone is able to come during these times; but for special occasions or when help is needed, that’s when all of us make it a point to get together.

And that’s what is really important...that’s the true essence of ET.

Unforgettable lines of the evening:
"galit ako sa ‘yo”

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