26 August 2010

instant fellowship with my sfc babies

Isn’t it funny that when you plan a get-together with your friends in advance, it never happens because not everyone can make it; but when you decide to have it right away, everyone is able to turn up?

Since May of this year, my former SFC members and I have been trying to schedule a fellowship. Because all of them are from different chapters and they have their own activities and responsibilities in SFC, our schedules have always been conflicting. There was practically no day during the week when all of us were available at the same time...until last Monday.

Last Thursday, Carol started the thread asking when and if our fellowship would ever push through. No one confirmed. Then Leih called me on Sunday night with a suggestion for Iftar. I started the thread again, mentioning Leih’s idea and asking for everyone’s availability.

Ces was free any night. My schedule was open except for Friday. Joanne had households on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and her Sunday was already booked. Mitch and Leih weren’t free on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Which left only Monday and Saturday...so Monday night it was. Actually, Leih and Carol already had plans for the night, but of course they loved us that much to cancel their plans (haha!).

We enjoyed a very reasonably priced and filling Iftar at Citymax Hotel, strolled around MOE, and had yummy ice-cream from Cold Stone Creamery (courtesy of Leih as her advance birthday treat)...and not to forget the endless laughter, stories, and countless photos we took almost everywhere we went.

Of course, we were missing Gracie (who had returned to the Philippines last February)...but technically, we were complete.

We kept laughing at how long it had taken us to schedule for this get-together, and all of a sudden, without any planning, we were able to have this fellowship.

It was great to be with all of them again. Even though we had our own lives, it was as if nothing had changed. Our friendship was still there and the bond of sisterhood was still strong. I will always be proud of Leih, Mitch, Ces, Joanne, Carol and Gracie...my SFC babies.

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  1. it was really fun! kahit wala ko dyan... ramdam ko ung saya... :D missing u all... best HH that i ever had... luv u momi and sissies...kitakitz nalang d2 sa pinas...~gracie~


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