15 August 2010

five things parents can do in raising their child

A n@wie sis (hi Arvee!) attended Kumon’s Seminar in July with her colleague, where one of the speakers was Bam Aquino (cousin of P-Noy and the youngest Cabinet Official ever). Mr. Aquino spoke of several things his parents did when he was growing up that contributed a lot to the man that he has become – successful, yet God-fearing and family-oriented.
Here are the 5 lessons he outlined:

My parents taught me the value of achievement.
* Excellence is a HABIT they instilled in me.
* Failure is not an option but a reality. They taught me to be resilient.
* It's not the end that really matters but the climb.
Only their love is free. Nothing else is.
* You must always work hard for everything.
They NEVER sheltered me.
* My parents let me experience how life really is. During campaigns we helped our late Uncle Ninoy and late Auntie Cory; and my parents let us really experience the experience…kahit mainit, magulo at mahirap.
They let me choose my own adventures.
* Never micromanage your child.
* Just give them parameters then allow them to decide on their own even if you don't always agree with the decision.
Integrity Service.
* Always serve as a good example.

Arvee shared this in our egroup, and with her permission (thanks sis!) I’ve posted it here to help and serve as a reminder to me and other parents out there.

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