16 August 2010


Hubby and I watched “Hating Kapatid” last night at Mall of the Emirates. The story wasn’t spectacular or anything; it just showed the life of sisters whose parents had to work abroad, leaving them with their grandmother, helper and cousin.

In my opinion, even though Judy Ann Santos and Sarah Geronimo were in it, the movie was just so-so. What I hated about it were the countless endorsements of Sarah’s sponsors/products. They were so obvious! It was just so exasperating to see close-ups of these things almost every 15-20 minutes all throughout the film.

I haven’t been able to watch Filipino movies that much, but whenever I do, I’ve noticed that it’s very common for sponsors or products of the lead artists to be shown so obviously during the film...to the point that the actor/actress has lines promoting them.

These sponsors may have helped finance the filming and production or whatever, but jeez, aren’t the countless “thank you’s” the artists say during the shows when they promote the film enough? The credits after the movie also mention the sponsors they would like to thank, so why the need to use the movie as a commercial? It’s annoying and distracts the viewers from the storyline (well, for me anyway, and I don’t think I’m alone in this).

Next month, “In Your Eyes” will be showing in Dubai. It seems to have a good plot, but if it’s going to be another movie-mercial, I’d rather watch a cheesy Hollywood film instead.

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