01 August 2010

let's do this again!

Friday morning, while hubby worked out at the gym, Ann and I went swimming at the rooftop pool. I swam a few laps while preggy Ann floated and swam a bit at the shallow area.

After our swim and showers, Ate Agnes arrived and she gave me a really good full body massage. It was sooo relaxing! When she was done, I was too lazy to get up. Of course I had to because it was time for lunch, but right after we ate and Ate Agnes had left, I immediately went back to bed and slept for 4½ hours with hubby. Nice Friday huh? :)

Yesterday, CFC Dubai held the Abba Father Conference at Shangri-La Hotel for all the husbands and dads of the community. Weeks before that day, we (the wives and families) were requested by the coordinators to prepare letters which would be given to them during the conference. In addition, we were informed to be at the venue in the afternoon as part of a surprise to our husbands/fathers.

Tita Elvie, Ann, Jenny, Malyn and I arrived at the hotel a few minutes before the requested time, and they kept all of us (wives and children) in the other ballroom so that the kids could play and make as much noise as they wanted without the men finding out. Finally, we were called in to the other room where the conference was being held…upon entering the ballroom, we could see all of the men smiling. They had just received and read our letters a few minutes before we showed up, which made many of them really emotional. It was really nice seeing all the kids and wives kissing and hugging their fathers and husbands. Hubby, as always, didn’t cry (he was controlling his tears)...I on the other hand, kept having to reach for tissues...but I could see that he was thoroughly enjoying himself and he really appreciated the letter and my presence there. It would have been better if Caila was with us, but of course that wasn’t possible.

All in all, it was a great event.

In the evening after the conference, Ann and Dhenzio went home to the apartment with us. After a while, Tesha arrived carrying food and ingredients, with Mike following a few minutes later with a saucepan and mineral water. We let them take charge of the kitchen and by 7:45pm, the six of us were enjoying a sumptuous dinner of alimasag (crabs) courtesy of the Koi Team.

Hubby and I are certainly going to call Ate Agnes again in the future for another massage session to loosen up our stressed bodies.

The dinner we had last night was just one of the many we usually have from time to time with the ET Barkada; for sure, we’ll be having another one this Thursday night with the whole gang.

And I’m pretty sure a similar conference to the Abba Father for the wives and mothers isn’t far behind, which all of us are definitely looking forward to.

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