24 January 2016

Sophie’s First Public Performance and Talent Fee

Yup, you read right…my youngest has started her singing career! Although not in the professional sense, of course. She’s only 3 ☺

Here’s what happened…

We attended a birthday party on Friday, and aside from the usual games for the kids and parents, some of the older kids sang or danced as part of the program. Now, these kids are really talented. Pwede talaga pang-The Voice Kids or Pilipinas Got Talent! And when each kid performed, J and C (the parents of the birthday celebrant) would give them cash as a token of appreciation.

Anyway, as the party was about to end, C asked if there were any other kids who wanted to perform. Whoever entertained the guests would automatically be given Dhs100. Being a (sort of) stage mother, and knowing that Sophie likes to sing, I asked her if she wanted to. She hesitantly said “Yes” so I led her to the middle of the hall. However, as C approached her, Sophie just stopped moving and stood where she was, giving us an indication that she changed her mind. So, we went back to our table.

C continued asking but no one approached her.

Finally, I asked my youngest “Anak, do you want to sing God Gave Me You?” She smiled and nodded, so I led her back to the center. I let go of her hand and stood back as she continued walking to C; she allowed C to help her stand on the chair, and just as I thought she was going to back out again, Sophie started singing the entire chorus of AlDub’s theme song, much to the amusement and amazement of our friends.

Even I was surprised!  I really thought she would suddenly realize what was happening and become shy or forget the lyrics somewhere in the middle, but she confidently sang in front of everyone.

And after her performance, as she was glowing with all the compliments she kept hearing, J gave her a small envelope containing the amount they promised.
Woohoo! Pwede nang pagkakitaan ang talent ng anak ko! Hahaha! ☺

Unfortunately, I was too nervous (stage mother eh!) while she was singing that I completely forgot to take a video. Oh well. Fingers crossed someone recorded it and he or she will tag us on Facebook ☺

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