19 January 2016

#GPinCanada: Get-Together with Friends, Krause Berry Farm, and Me-n-Ed’s

Another highlight of our Canada visit last July was reuniting with old friends.

On Friday, we borrowed my brother’s car and, using his trusty GPS navigator, we managed to find the Ohoy’s (the couple’s term of endearment to each other ☺) home in Surrey without any problems. JB flew in from Calgary for the weekend and was playing with the Ohoy’s new baby when we arrived. Jason, Jean and their 2 girls (whom we saw at Whistler a few days back) followed a bit later because Jean got off work a bit late.
with good friends who migrated from Dubai
We had been planning this get-together for a while, but what we didn’t expect was to meet all their friends in their CFC household. It truly felt like a welcome party…although most of them thought we had moved to Canada, and not just visiting ☺
the whole gang
The following afternoon, we met up with our old friends again, this time at Krause Berry Farm. The farm also has a winery, market, kids play area, and Porch, which is their outdoor restaurant where you can order fresh goods made from their products.

ready with their baskets

in the mood to model
They have all sorts of berries, but the only ones left for picking when we arrived were blueberries. It didn’t matter, though. We all enjoyed picking and filling our baskets with our harvest. They were really sweet and big, and best of all, really yummy! It was a fun activity for all of us.

see how big they are?!
so many juicy blueberries!

Before we knew it, we were informed that U-Pick time was over. Since the shed where the weighing and paying needed to be done was a bit far, the kids scrambled into the small wagon we had rented earlier and the daddies took turns pulling them.
the kids with JB
these 3 friends go way back...from when they were still in college in the Philippines
We didn’t leave yet, though. We rested in one of the old carriages for a few minutes while enjoying the cool breeze and delicious ice-cream freshly made from the farm’s produce.

when I want a picture with her, she doesn't want to smile or even look at the camera...go figure!
our basket of fresh blueberries
yummy dessert!
Dinner time was approaching so we then convoyed all the way towards Fraser Highway to Me-n-Ed’s, a pizza parlour that Jean recommended. As we waited for our orders, the little girls kept themselves busy by colouring and answering the activity sheets the server provided, while the adults talked about what changed in Dubai since they left, and how their lives were now in Canada.
It’s always nice to get together with old friends, and that weekend was no exception. It was also good to see the kids reacquainting with one another and having a good time, even asking if they could have a playdate before we returned to Dubai. Of course it helped as well that the food was delicious, so all of our tummies were satisfied ☺
one of the delicious mixed pizzas we ordered
God willing, we’ll be able to return to the North for more good times with them soon.

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