31 January 2016

#GPinCanada: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and Maru Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Since we didn’t have the chance to attend mass on our first Sunday in Canada, we made sure that on the following Sunday, we would visit one of the local churches. So on the morning of the 26th of July, while my brother and his family left to attend their church, we borrowed his other car and headed to St. Joseph’s Catholic Church which is just near Fraser Highway.

The pews were full (although not as full as what we’re used to at St. Mary’s Catholic Church), but we noticed that most of them were from the older generations. And unlike in Dubai, the voices of the congregation weren’t as loud when singing the hymns. No biggie, though. That’s just something I noticed.

I can’t remember the priest’s name, but we enjoyed listening to his Homily. One of the messages he shared that struck me was this:

When you start being grateful, that’s when miracles begin to happen. 

And honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

Because I noticed that when I started being thankful to God for every single thing that came my way (whether big or small), that’s when more blessings poured in and prayers were being answered. Sounds simple, huh? But amazingly, that’s all we need to do. We really just have to be grateful to Him.
taken after the mass had ended and almost everyone had left
The next day was the 27th, and you guys know we celebrate our family day by eating out, right? Well, when it fell during our visit to Canada, it gave us the opportunity to treat my brother and his family to dinner as our way of thanking them for taking care of us during our trip. We all like Japanese cuisine, so after searching and looking through reviews online, we finally chose Maru Sushi which is also along Fraser Highway.
Upon entering, we were immediately greeted; and after asking how many we were, we were led to a private room at the end of the restaurant. A Japanese restaurant wouldn't be complete with Japanese decor, and that's what we saw on the walls and the rest of the interior of Maru Sushi.

The lady who served us (sorry, I didn’t get her name) was very friendly and bubbly in taking our orders and bringing them. As for the food, we were not disappointed. We don’t get to eat pork Japanese dishes often in Dubai, so I really enjoyed the Pork Tonkatsu bento I ordered. The servings were really big and delicious. And so many! In fact, there were still a lot of rolls left over for us to take home.  

Our tummies were definitely happy that night.  And our pockets didn't hurt as much as I thought it would either ☺

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