27 January 2016

Lunch at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on our Family Day

It’s our family day today! And when I thought back to what we did last month to celebrate it, I also noticed that it’s been a while since I shared one of our dining experiences. So, here goes…

A few months earlier, I received a gift certificate from Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, which also served as their invitation to try out their dishes. What better way to use it than on our family day, right? And that’s what we did on the 27th of December last year.
the bar
We arrived at the restaurant in The Address Hotel Dubai Marina 15 minutes after our booked time. However, we didn’t need to worry about losing our table because there weren’t any other diners when we got there. Well, considering it was just past noon, the first day of the work week, and everyone else was probably on holiday, it wasn’t surprising to find it practically empty. We did notice that a couple of tables were reserved, though, which were eventually occupied later. The good thing about being the only diners there was the servers were very attentive, and would take care of whatever we requested right away.
♪ I'm gonna swing from the chandelier... ♫ ☺
autographed plates on the wall in one of the private rooms
the view we enjoyed from our table
Here’s what satisfied our tummies:
not exactly the yummy bread that my daughters know, but yummy just the same.
in fact, we asked for seconds!
loved these mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat!
we had to have something healthy as part of our meal
lamb chops cooked medium well just the way I like it
sizzling tender goodness on a plate!
we honestly didn't expect the serving of mashed potatoes to be this big!
a sweet ending to a filling meal
Needless to say, everything was simply delicious!  Even the kids enjoyed whatever we put on their plates.  Our only "complaint" was that the servings were just too big or too many to fill our not-so-big tummies (which isn't really a bad thing if you come to think of it ☺).  Fortunately, the server packed the leftovers for us to take away and enjoy later at home.

If you haven't heard or visited Ruth's Chris, you can probably guess from the pictures that this is not your ordinary steakhouse. For one thing, the restaurant is considered high end and classy, so you can expect that it has a great ambiance for both formal and informal dining. Plus, it has good service and very delicious food. Yes, the prices aren’t exactly cheap, but if you take into account all the things you’ll enjoy during your meal, I’d say you’d pretty much get your money’s worth.

We were given a gift certificate by Ruth's Chris Steakhouse to consume at their restaurant, but all words and opinions are my own.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
The Address Dubai Marina
Phone: 04-4549538

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