14 January 2016

Applying for a Schengen Visa to Switzerland in Dubai

And I’m back in the sandpit!

Actually, we arrived yesterday morning. While my sister went home and had the day off (lucky her), I headed to the office directly from the airport and went straight to work. Not a good idea, I tell you. Since I had been travelling for around 16 hours (via train and plane), and taking into consideration the difference in the time zones, I felt tired, dizzy, and groggy. Thank goodness my work load was manageable and there weren’t any major deadlines to meet. Now, I’m still a bit jetlagged, but 9.5 hours of sleep somehow helped.

Of course you can bet I'm still over the moon from my recent trip.  Switzerland is truly a place that everyone should visit at least once. I’d definitely want to go back there with my family. I’m so excited to share all the details, but my blog posts about this vacation will have to wait because I still have to sort out the photos...plus I haven’t finished blogging about our Canada trip yet! Augh!.

In the meantime, here are the steps I followed to apply for the visa…you know, just in case my posts in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter inspired, tempted, and/or convinced you to visit this beautiful country ☺

First I gathered all the requirements I needed, then I created an account on the website to book an appointment for the next day, and paid for the fees (Dhs379) online using Hubby’s credit card.

Then on the 6th of December, I headed to the VFS Global Center in Wafi City (the same place where Hubby and I applied for our Schengen visas to Germany 2 years ago), with the following documents in hand:
Visa Application Checklist
• Completed Application Form
• Hotel confirmations
• Flight bookings
• 3 months bank statement
• Travel insurance certificate
• Employment certificate (aka No Objection letter)
• Passport and UAE residence visa (original and copy)
• 2 photographs
• Printed copy of the Appointment Letter

At the counter, I presented my Appointment Letter, was given a number, and headed to the room where I waited until my number was called. When it was my turn, the lady checked all my documents, placed them in a red envelope, asked if I preferred to have my passport delivered via courier or collect it myself (I chose the latter) and directed me to another room where I waited again for a few minutes.

Finally, a man called me to another (smaller) room where my picture was taken and biometrics were collected, he gave me the receipt with a reference number, and that was that. I must have spent just less than half an hour at the VFS Center.

There’s an option to track applications online, but I didn’t need to. Because although the website says it takes approximately 2 weeks to process applications, I received an SMS just 4 days later saying that it was ready.

So the next working day, I went back to the VFS Global Center, presented my receipt, and received my passport with the Schengen visa to Switzerland.
Yup, it was that easy and that fast!

Now doesn’t that make you want to visit the happiest country in the world too?


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