27 October 2014

Friday Brunch at Al Bahou, Ibn Battuta Gate

My entire family (including Mama, my sister, and Gabe) and I were invited to have brunch at Al Bahou in Ibn Battuta Gate last Friday.  And armed with the knowledge that the food and hotel were a sight to behold, I made sure to take pictures.

Upon entering the hotel, we were welcomed by this beautiful flower arrangement which adorned the lobby
And there were a couple of life-sized camel statues that we took pictures with

I'm sure these stunning Arabian lanterns hanging from the ceiling throughout the hall never ceases to amaze guests and visitors
At opposite ends of the hotel, you could see a huge image of Ibn Battuta on a horse on one, and a compass and sailboat on the other

At 12:30, we were led to the Al Bahou banqueting hall where we were given welcome drinks that were so refreshing, we consumed these during our meal instead of the softdrinks or other fresh juices they offered.
The Al Bahou Brunch includes the hotel's restaurants Chor Bazaar, Mistral, Moroc Bar, Sicilia, and Shanghai Chic.  Aside from this, they have dedicated rooms for Pork and Cheese, and, get ready for it, Dessert. That's right, an entire room full of delectable cakes and sweet pastries!  I was tempted to go there right away, but I stopped and reminded myself that I needed to eat "real food" first, else my daughters wouldn't eat properly.

With such a vast spread, it would make anyone confused as to where to begin, so we just started with the nearest stations to our table: the bread, and seafood, maki and sushi.

Hubby was overjoyed when he saw his favorite Arabic dish, the Lamb Ouzi.
We had a delightful time taking portions of dishes from the Indian, Italian, East Asian, Arabic and international cuisines that were spread all throughout the banquet hall.  It was a good thing we went there hungry, allowing us to taste a little of everything.  Our taste buds were definitely satisfied.

Of course I made sure to save some space in my tummy for dessert, and I was so glad I did. The roomful of mouth-watering sweets and treats was absolutely impressive with its wide selection

While we enjoyed our food, a couple of musicians performed on stage from time to time, entertaining the diners with relaxing songs
Adorning the hall, we saw this rickshaw from India and bright red scooter from Italy

There was even a Jack O' Lantern and pumpkins, reminding us that Halloween was only a few days away
Despite the hall's grand ambiance, the children were not left out. There was an indoor cinema for kids with a buffet of fruits, pasta, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, fries, and sandwiches, along with assorted sweets, cookies, and freshly cooked popcorn, all readily available for the young ones' little hands and tummies so they didn't have to go out and miss scenes from their favorite movies.

The young diners also had access to the Camel Kids Club where they could do all sorts of arts and crafts, while watching movies on the television screen.

A face painter, play area, and a bouncy castle were also available, much to the delight of the little ones.

The good thing is that all the kids' areas were supervised, so the parents had the option to leave their children without worrying too much, allowing them to enjoy their food.

After we had our fill and while our daughters enjoyed watching in the cinema, we helped ourselves to some hot drinks that were available just outside of the Dessert Room
Needless to say, our entire family had a great time at Al Bahou.  It's definitely one we'll return to.

The Al Bahou Friday Brunch takes place between 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Prices are Dhs295 (inclusive of soft beverages), Dhs395 (for selected house beverages), and Dhs95 (for kids aged 6 to 12 years old.  Children under 6 eat for free.

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