21 October 2014

I Was Blessed When I Gave My NOL Card To A Stranger

A few weeks ago, like I often do when Hubby needs to work longer, I rode the bus home.  I sat at the front seat, the one near the door and it was a normal, uneventful journey. That is until we reached a certain bus stop.

A lady carrying a heavy bag on her back and another in her hand boarded the bus and asked the driver if it was going to her destination. He said "Yes" and she gave him her NOL card, which he told her what to do with it.

She tapped it to the machine, and looked at him confused. He took her card and tapped it, then told her she didn't have enough credit and needed to reload it.

There was no way for her to reload it then (the stop didn't have a machine and the nearest metro station was far away) so she asked if she could pay in cash. Not possible. Then she asked if anyone had an extra card. No one did.

At this point, the driver had continued driving the bus. If an inspector boarded, the lady would get caught and be fined a big penalty. Risky.

That's when I recalled a few videos I've seen on YouTube from the program What Would You Do? And then moments later, I remembered a question I learned years ago: What would Jesus do? I could practically hear a voice asking me that question.

So I made a decision.

When the bus stopped near my apartment, I tapped my card to the machine. Instead of putting it back in my bag, I handed it to the lady. It still had about Dhs23 in it.

She was confused at first, but when I told her she could keep it, she was so grateful. And as I turned to go she gave me a relieved smile while saying "Thank you very much! God bless you!"

And those words were enough to tell me that I did the right thing.

How about you? Have you done a random act of kindness to a complete stranger? Please do share.

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