10 September 2014

To Hoard or Not to Hoard

Saw these Combos packs at Zoom at Deira City Centre Metro Station and I couldn’t decide whether to buy just one or more.
Reasons to Hoard:
• They’re delicious!
• They’re not always available; ordinary supermarkets don’t sell them
• Usually my favorite ones (Cheddar Cheese Crackers) are the first ones gone
• They're much more better than potato chips
• They’re really delicious!

Reasons Not to Hoard:
• They’re not cheap at Dhs12 a pack

Heck! There was no need to think about it. TO HOARD!!!! Not that much, though. Just around 6 of them…enough to satisfy my cravings for a couple of weeks =)

If you pass by and decide to hoard as well, please leave a couple of those dark blue packs for me.

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