21 September 2014

This Morning

I had just been at the office for 45 minutes today when I received a call from Caila’s school saying that she had vomited 3 times since the bus picked her up at 7am. I had no idea why. Apart from her coughing, she was fine when I left for work this morning.

Even though I knew they wouldn’t agree, I asked if the clinic could keep her for the rest of the day. I was right; they said she needed to go home as soon as possible. Jovy was the nearest, but I didn’t want her to wait out in the hot sun with Sophie while trying to get a taxi. I called Hubby to ask if he could leave work for some time; he was busy. Good thing my manager understood when I told him what happened.

So as soon as I had finished doing the urgent task I needed to submit to our General Manager, I headed to the school with one of our company drivers who, fortunately, was free.

On the way, I called Jovy to ask her if Caila was sick earlier. I know I said she was ok, but maybe I missed something. She said, no, except for her cough. But she did say that Caila didn’t eat much for breakfast. Just two spoonfuls of rice and luncheon meat. No milk or hot chocolate. No wonder!

Caila was lying down on the clinic bed when I arrived. The nurse explained that she had vomited once in the bus, and twice in the classroom. She didn’t have any fever, though. When I asked Caila how she felt, she just pointed to her tummy which prompted me to lecture her on why she should eat properly in the morning. She just nodded weakly.

While waiting for the necessary paperwork to be done (to allow me to take her home early), my daughter threw up again. I didn’t have any plastic bag with me, but luckily there was a trash can nearby where she vomited for the fourth time in two and a half hours.

By the time I dropped her off at home, Caila was back to her normal self, showing Jovy and Sophie her PE jogging pants that had vomit stains.

However, half an hour ago, Jovy informed me that she threw up again after eating rice and sinigang. And while fixing Caila’s bed, she found a candy wrapper underneath her pillow. Most probably she ate that last night before sleeping and didn’t drink water or brush her teeth.  She probably does this often which is most probably the reason why her cough hasn’t gone away. Haaaaay!!!

I told Jovy to keep all the sweets and hide them away at the top shelf of one of our kitchen cabinets.  Caila is now under strict orders to drink warm water and/or lemon juice with honey only. No juices or cold milk. She is not allowed to eat chocolates, candies, or anything sweet until she’s better. The only things she’ll be eating are rice, viands, and porridge.  And she has to eat properly.

Otherwise, it’s a visit to her pediatrician we will go.

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