06 January 2013

out with the old, in with the new

Remember my Father's Day gift to Hubby? Well, Father’s Day, GITEX season, Hubby’s birthday, Christmas, and even New Year’s day came and went, but Hubby still hadn’t made up his mind as to what TV screen he wanted. By mid-December, I kept reminding him (jokingly, of course) that his coupon would expire at the end of the month, but he just couldn’t decide...even when our almost 9-year-old TV broke on UAE National Day (it suddenly decided to stop showing the images on the screen), forcing Mama and Yaya Cel to settle on listening to their favourite telenovelas and using their own imaginations. Sure there were a lot of great offers in the supermarkets and electronics stores, but the urge to get a new one just wasn’t that strong...until yesterday.

After he dropped me off at the office, Hubby went to the nearby mall to pay some bills and study for an upcoming talk. After some time, since it was the DSF season, he decided to check out the latest offers in one of the electronics stores. And that’s where he saw the screen that he wanted. It’s original price was Dhs2,099, but since the salesman gave him two Dhs200 vouchers, and since he also said that it could be used for that purchase, the final price was only Dhs1,699. Great deal, right?! Sineryoso nya ata yung coupon because he called me to ask if it was still valid. I couldn’t help laughing, so I just told him “Sige, para sa ‘yo, extended yung validity nun...pero hanggang today na lang.”  And because he didn’t want to let the opportunity pass, he used his credit card to buy the screen (of course, I’ll be the one to pay the bill for that one next month) and happily put the big brown box in Piper.

He waited until he fetched me from work to bring it up to our apartment...and of course everyone at home was thrilled when they saw it. And because of our excitement, we didn’t have dinner until our new “tay-vay” had been set up and we could see moving images on the screen.

wacky pose with the new "tay-vay"
caila helping her daddy
our little girl trying to understand the instruction sheet while hubby works it
figuring out which cable goes where
As for our old TV screen, we just gave it to our building watchman who happily accepted the big gadget, even though we told him the picture tube wasn’t working anymore. He said he preferred it that way because if it was fully functional, his friends would hang out more often in his room.  Makes sense, I guess.

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