31 January 2013

the cheesecake factory

Finally, finally, finally I got to eat at The Cheesecake Factory in Dubai Mall! Yaaaaaay!!! Another item off my list. Honestly, I’m so glad we always celebrate on the 27th of every month...it gives us a reason to go out and splurge a bit while satisfying our palates and tummies. Hahaha! Anyway, yes, last Sunday after work, Hubby and I headed to Dubai Mall for our monthsary. That was the day after we got Pepper, so the car’s arrival really was perfect timing. Good thing it was the first day of the workweek so, although almost all the tables were full, we didn’t have to wait and were immediately directed to a table for two.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we were served a basket of bread and butter which we nibbled on.
Finally, our orders were served...and they were soooo huge! 
Iced Tea for Hubby and Raspberry Lemonade for me
my order of Macaroni and Cheese Burger
Hubby's The Everything Pizza
And then it was time for dessert. Of course, we just had to try one of their specialties, but since our stomachs were full (we were only able to eat half of our orders, the rest we asked to bag) and we saw the dessert slices were big as well, we asked our server to cut it in half: half we’ll eat there, and half to go.
Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake
The food was soooooo delicious! I admit, it was a bit weird to bite into a burger that had macaroni in it, but it was actually good. Hubby’s pizza was equally yummy...hindi sila nagtipid sa pepperoni.  And the cheesecake? So creamy and tasty! Absolutely perfect from the cream cheese on top to white chocolate on the sides and the red velvet cake at the bottom! Sorry, I’m not a food blogger so the only words I know that can describe what we ate are very limited...but, well, you get the picture, right? =)

Anyway, part of the reason why we only ate half of the cheesecake was because we wanted to share it with our daughters.
a slice to celebrate 4 months, 47 months, and 56 months

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