31 January 2013

out with the old, in with the new (part 2)

We bought Piper from our friends back in September 2009 just before they migrated to Canada, and after we realized how difficult it was to commute around Dubai with a baby in tow. Even though she was a second-hand car, we rarely had any problems with her...and during the times she was in an accident (twice), it was always a green paper that was issued to us.
Caila and Piper taken in November 2011
But as time passed, Piper just couldn’t accommodate our growing family. Being road safety freaks, we needed a vehicle that could fit both Caila’s and Sophie’s car seats, and allow the rest of us to sit comfortably. What usually happened when we all went out was Hubby would drive, I would sit on the passenger’s seat, Sophie would lie in her car seat, Mama would sit beside her, and then Ate Cel with Caila on her lap. It would always be a tight and uncomfortable journey.

And so we decided it was time to get a new car. In the beginning, we were just looking around. There were a lot of promos going on since Ramadan last year and we would occasionally visit showrooms, test-drive vehicles, compare prices and deals, but we just couldn’t find what we were looking for that could also fit our budget. We were even hoping that we would win one of the Pajeros from the raffle at St. Mary’s Church, but obviously that didn’t happen.
Finally, Hubby and I saw an advertisement of Mitsubishi’s DSF promo, and since it seemed to be a good deal, we visited their showroom in Deira on the 12th of January. We looked at the models and the salesperson sat down with us to explain the features, costs and inclusions...and that’s when we decided right then and there to get a Pajero.  Of course we had to submit the necessary documents, pay the downpayment, issue the PDC’s, sign papers, and all the other stuff...but after 2 weeks from the day we made that decision, we rode the new car out of Mitsubishi Motors and onto the roads of Dubai.

We were absolutely thrilled! Especially me because the car is in my name. Woohoo! (picture me doing the happy dance). I kept teasing Hubby “I have a new CA-AR! And it’s a PAJEROW!” Hahaha! Ang yabang ‘no? Pero sa totoo lang, sa asawa ko lang ako ganyan. Only a handful of our friends know we have a new car kasi nahihiya kaming ipaalam sa kanila.

Naturally, everyone at home just had to ride the car that day, so off we went to Mirdiff City Centre to do some grocery-shopping. As soon as Caila got in her seat, she kept saying “Hi Pepper!” and “I like Pepper” and “Pepper is a nice car.” She really enjoyed the ride. When we asked whether she likes Piper or Pepper more, she answered “Pepper is nicer, kasi Piper is like a taxi. She’s too liit.” Kaloka! I couldn’t blame her because of course there’s lots more space in the new car than the old one.

Anyway, allow me to introduce our new blessing and the latest member of our family...
taken as soon as we got the car
syempre, di ako magpapatalo. i also had to have a picture behind the wheel
Why did we call her Pepper? The first reason is because she’s colored gray (I didn’t like the other colors it came in: black, white, silver, and brown), and the second reason is because our two car’s names are mentioned in this tongue twister.

As for Piper, well, it just wasn’t logical for us to have two cars, so we traded her in as part of the downpayment for Pepper.
Thank you for the good rides, Piper. We’ll miss you!

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