08 January 2013

date weekend: return to al barari

I promised myself that when Mama came back to Dubai, we would take her to The Farm and Greenworks in Al Barari...and we finally did last December 28. Actually, we had planned to go there in November for our monthly family celebration, but when I called to make a reservation the day before our supposed visit, it was already fully booked. This time, I made sure to make the reservation 2 weeks ahead to make sure we got a table.

Upon entering Al Barari that Friday morning, Mama and Ate (it was also her first time there) were in awe of the lavish greenery. And when we entered The Farm, they were more in awe of what they saw. Since we were the only diners who arrived that early (around 8:30am), we explored the area of the restaurant and took pictures while waiting for our food.
Mama and their ipadded menu
ever wacky
My sister, Hubby and I each had their Farm Select, Mama chose the Cheese Croissant (and took bites of our food in between), and Caila almost finished her entire order of pancakes. Our table was outside so we enjoyed the cool air and surroundings all throughout our meal.
see how clean the plates are? =)
tight hugs
After The Farm, we headed to Greenworks. Mama has a green thumb and she likes flowers and plants, so visiting that place was a treat for her. The prices were really cheap so you can guess we brought home lots of their products that day. And as expected, she was amazed at the ancient olive trees there.
surrounded by the ancient olive trees
familia beinte siete
I’m sure Mama will want to go back to Al Barari again. Of course I wouldn’t mind returning because it really is a beautiful place. I just wish we have the budget to try their lunch menu next time.


  1. I've heard a lot about Al Barari and The Farm but have not been there! Lovely photos.

    Your baby is so cute!

  2. Thank you, Grace.
    You should try it, it's a really great place.


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