17 January 2013

a sweet conversation

As we were in bed about to sleep last night, my daughter suddenly looked at me and started a conversation:

Caila: Mommy, when I grow up, I will cook for you and clean the house and laba your damit. I will do everything kasi I will be big na.
Me: Wow! Talaga?
Caila: Yes, I will cook all your favourite food.
Me: Wow! Ang sweet naman ng anak ko. Thank you.
Caila: Yes. Now kasi, I’m still tiny small...I cannot do it. Pero when I’m big na, I will take care of you.

Then she gave me a tight hug before settling down to sleep.

Awwwwww!!!! My heart practically jumped for joy and I felt my eyes well up because of what she said and did.  It was a short conversation, but one of the sweetest and priceless ones I've ever had.

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