23 December 2010


Taking into account what I do, I usually just receive words (or e-mail messages) of thanks; and most often, these are said as acknowledgement. Rarely do I get any compliments or genuine words of gratitude from my colleagues and superiors. So you can imagine how surprised and happy I felt during these times:
1) Our big boss in Japan sent an e-mail to our Deputy General Manager. It was entirely in Japanese, but in English, it translated to “I am very grateful for the number of times Pamela has had to amend my bookings . There is no excuse for the many changes she has to do every day. Please let her know. It is very kind of her.”
2) The same big boss had sent me a box of Dorayaki during his last stopover in Dubai. He hadn’t visited the office, but he had instructed our DGM that this was only for me and my family as “a very small gratitude for your kindness. Next time, I will try to find out and bring another kind of sweets.”
3) After engaging in a simple conversation with her and her mother, the 4 year old daughter of my Serbian colleague suddenly told me “I like you. You’re very sweet.”
4) One of our Project Managers came to me this morning congratulating me and telling me that I managed to do a great job pulling off last night’s event, considering that I had to put up with my boss’ attitude the entire time. I received a similar e-mail from our Construction Manager, saying that the games I had organized were fun, which helped make the evening a success. And just a few minutes ago, the other Project Manager told me that he "really enjoyed the games that were put together" last night and I was a "very good game master."

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