29 December 2010


At almost 2 years old, Caila loves to talk, and we do our best to help her develop her vocabulary by speaking to her and helping her identify body parts and the pictures in her books. She can pretty much say simple words clearly, but there are some that we had difficulty understanding at first.
Here are a few of the words that are part of what we call her Cailanese language:

Ayla = Caila
Biya = banana
Dada = karga (carry)
Arnie = Barney
Ba-bub = Sponge Bob
Mouse = Mickey Mouse
Ataw = ikaw (you)
Ayskim = ice cream or yoghurt
Papay = tinapay (bread)
Papays = french fries
Chup-chup = ketchup
Apay = salabay (piggy-back ride)
Adu = love you (but if she says it slowly, she can say “I love you” clearly)
Tetu = thank you
Ati = makati (itchy)
Toleyt = chocolate
Aning = Auntie Ning
Abes = God bless (she accompanies this by making a mark on our foreheads with her thumb at the same time, as if making the sign of the cross)

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