08 December 2010


Friday after lunch, we all went to MOE. Caila was becoming fidgety, walking up and down the aisles and touching almost everything on display; so we told her that if she behaved, we would buy her ice-cream. Of course, since she loves this dessert, she immediately obeyed. After an hour, we left the mall and were on our way to the metro station. Caila was walking between hubby and me, holding our hands. Suddenly she stopped, looked up at hubby, and said “Daddy...ice-cream?”
We were shocked. It was the first time for her to ask in such a loving way. She hadn’t said “please,” but she sounded so sweet, who could resist? It was her Sweet Day anyway, so after we had a quick bite at the food court at Bur Juman Mall, I bought an ice-cream cone at Burger King and gave it to her which she consumed almost immediately.
Saturday afternoon, this time we went to DFC with Mike. While hubby and I were checking out the displays at Ikea, we left Caila with Mike and Ate Cel. Since Caila wasn’t yet familiar with Mike, he told her that he would buy her ice-cream if she would go with him. Naturally, it worked. By the time we had left the store, they were buddies. We had just gone a few steps when Caila asked to be carried. She didn’t want to ride in her stroller, she didn’t want to be carried by Mike or Ate Cel, and I was too tired to carry her, so hubby scooped her up in his arms. While we were heading towards the elevators to go to the parking area, Caila looked at hubby with a pleading look and whispered softly “Daddy...ice-cream?” We both laughed. She was so cute! It was as if she was reminding us that Mike had promised her ice-cream and she was too shy to ask him. We called Mike and asked Caila to repeat what she just said but she was too embarrassed. Anyway, we told Mike what had just happened, so he immediately carried her and they headed off to McDonald’s for the ice-cream he promised, with hubby and I laughing so hard as we followed them.
Lesson learned: Don’t promise Caila ice-cream if you don’t intend to give her any. She’ll surely remember.

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