15 December 2010

still blessed

Last night, I almost wanted to break down.
I was exhausted from having to go back and forth between the Immigration Department so many times and I was worn out from my never-ending arguments and negotiations with our former real estate; not to mention that our finances were almost depleted from all the expenses due to the sudden move to our new apartment across town.
I was in the car with hubby on our way home, and I wanted to cry in resignation. Silently, I asked God why He was giving us such a difficult time just to sponsor Yaya’s darn visa. It was supposed to be such a simple and fast thing to do, but evidently in our case, new problems arose every single step of the way.
Anyway, as I was questioning God, hubby and I passed by 3 cars that were involved in an accident near DAFZA. And later, we saw a car that was wrecked almost way beyond repair at the intersection near our building. In both accidents, we saw Dubai Police and Ambulances, so definitely, some people were hurt.
That’s when I realized that in spite of everything, we were still blessed. I had focused too much on the problems we were facing, that I neglected to see the reason and purpose as to why we had to go through all of this, as well as the blessings that we had been receiving along the way.
Right that moment, I silently whispered my thanks to God in prayer...something that I should have done before, but unfortunately, it took 2 car accidents to make me open my eyes.

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