14 October 2010

road test: failed (again)

I thought for sure I would pass, but apparently the examiner thought otherwise.
I’m upset because I don’t believe I made any major mistakes. I was behind the steering wheel longer than the two ladies I was taking the road test with. The examiner kept telling me to turn left, then right, left, right over and over. I think she was trying to confuse me so that I would make a mistake. When I parked the car in the school, I glanced at the paper and saw that the examiner didn’t write anything on it, plus the other ladies in the car told me that I drove well and they said that they saw her nodding a few times. I felt pretty positive.
Unfortunately, when the examiner called me in the room, she said that I made lots of mistakes due to my lack of judgement when changing lanes. WHATEVER!!! I think she just wanted to fail me again because it was only my second take.

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