07 October 2010


Sunday (26 September): Pinoy Mafia dinner at our Project Manager’s villa
- adobo, KFC chicken, chili con carne, fries, grilled mushrooms, assorted crisps
Monday (27 September): farewell luncheon at the office for our Engineering Deputy General Manager
- Subway sandwiches, Dajen Grill bbq chicken, grilled lamb chops, chicken kofta, meat arayes, hummus, Arabic bread, cakes
Monday (27 September): monthsary dinner date with hubby at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, DFC
- I forgot the names of what we ordered but we had chicken satay, 2 different steaks, and an Oreo cookie bash
Thursday (30 September): weekly CFC household at Lot and Che’s residence
- grilled pusit, dinuguan, maja blanca, fresh fruits
Friday (1 October): farewell dinner for Kuya Omer at his residence in Nahda
- grilled pusit, pancit, kaldereta, sisig, kilawin, fruit salad, maja blanca

Thank you, Lord, for a week filled with delicious food and fun times with great people.

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