19 October 2010

survivor philippines - celebrity edition

Guchi and I enjoyed watching the second season (I wanted Justine to win, but then when I saw how she acted when the end drew near, I changed my mind), and when we found out that celebrities would be the castaways in the third season, we looked forward to the first episode.

Being a reality show, it’s very interesting to see how celebrities live in extreme conditions where they have to fend for themselves and survive as long as they can without the luxuries they’re used to. Slowly, their complexions become darker, they get rashes or allergies, some even have to be rushed to the hospital. They become like normal people. Whenever a tribe wins a challenge, it’s amusing to see their faces light up, relishing the simple reward they won.

I like how each of them have their own strategies to become the ultimate survivor (or at least make it to the merge). I like the unexpected twists, making the show different from the previous seasons. But most especially, I enjoy watching the castaways do the challenges...everyone doing their best for their tribe to win rewards or immunity.

Unfortunately, GMA Pinoy TV is getting on our nerves. The first episode was aired at 7:30pm. The next night, it was aired at 9pm. Then they began to air it at 9:15pm, then 9:30pm, then 10:05pm. But last night, it aired at 10:35pm!!! All of these changes without any advance announcement at all!


Attention GMA or eVision or Orbit...give us a break, will you and get your air times right?!

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