07 October 2010

road test: failed

I flunked my road test this morning...along with the two other ladies who were in the same car. The Indian lady was first. It was her second take. Then the other Pinay (her first take), then me.
When it was my turn, in the beginning I was driving alright. But once we went on the highway, I became all nervous because there were so many cars speeding by. It didn’t help that the examiner kept barking instructions or warnings all of a sudden. When she suddenly turned the steering wheel, I knew I was doomed. My test lasted about 10 minutes before she told me to return the car to the school. I parked and we all went out of the car.
When she called me into the room, she pointed out my mistakes (they were a lot, but at least they were less than the other 2 ladies). After she gave me the paper, I called my instructor to inform him of the bad news. He met me after a few minutes at the lobby. Upon checking my paper, he said that it was unfortunate that I had my road test with that lady examiner. Apparently she is very strict (one mistake, and she immediately fails). She had been gone for two months and today was her first day back (talk about bad timing!).
Oh well. I need to take another 6 classes before my next road test. That’s another bulk of money out of my wallet. Augh!!!

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