26 July 2010

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Last night, hubby and I suddenly realized that between the two of us, we have so many mobile phones...6 to be exact...and all with working SIM cards. Here’s a rundown of all of them:

Nokia 3650 – I got this sometime late 2003 and this is what I used when I came to Dubai (until I replaced it last 2008). The SIM is a prepaid Etisalat number which used to belong to the wife of a Japanese manager who left UAE recently. When I got it, it still had around Dhs80 worth of load :)
Sony Ericsson K750i – Hubby bought this the day we officially became a couple...27 May 2005. We use this for the Smart roaming SIM so that our friends and families in the Philippines can text us for 1 peso. Since hubby regularly takes this with him to work, I send him messages using chikka txt messenger from my computer (instead of using my personal mobile and load).
Sony Ericsson W910i (2) – Hubby and I bought these after we got married in May 2008, and we consider these as our wedding phones (mine is red, his is white). We use these for our personal Etisalat numbers.
Nokia 1208 - This phone came along with the Etisalat number from the Japanese manager’s wife (the one that’s inserted in the Nokia 3650 one), but now I keep our other roaming SIM in this phone because it’s small and light to carry.
Nokia 6600 – This was issued to me by my company last March 2007 and has a postpaid line. I used to use a Nokia 2310, but later they gave me the phone that I’m using now. Since I have to keep this mobile with me at all times, I usually just leave my personal phone at home and have all the calls diverted to my company phone. What I like about this phone (aside from the fact that I can use it to make personal calls from time to time), is the good quality pictures I get to take from it and I can save as many songs (and photos) as I want.
So, there you have it...all our functional mobile phones. We didn’t notice that we had this many until last night when we happened to place them all together. Of course, we don’t bring all of them with us all the time. Usually, we leave the 3650 and the 1208 at home coz just a few people know the numbers of those. As you can see, most of them have sentimental values to us, so letting go of them would be very difficult. I hope one day my company will issue a phone that’s dual SIM enabled (a triple SIM would be even better!). It would definitely make my life a bit easier than having to bring all of these phones.

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