27 July 2010

i love you

Back in high school, this was just one of the many songs that we often sang during mass. I didn’t pay attention to the words then. But now, as a member of CFC and a parent, I realized it has a beautiful message and explains the real meaning of those three simple words…

“I love you ‘cause that’s just what I am
I could never turn away from you and leave you all alone
Yes, I love you though you have gone your way
I could never leave you all alone and leave you way behind

Though you weigh no more than dust, placed on a scale you rise
Though your worth is just as much as sand, I love you just the same
I am love, I am love
Though your sins be dark as scarlet, I will turn them white as snow
Though your sins be red as crimson, they mean nothing more to me
For I made you and you’re meant for me for all eternity
I have loved you, yes, I love you
I always will love you

I love you ‘cause that’s just what I am
I could never show you greater love than lay my life for you
Yes, I love you what more proof do you ask
Show me any love that’s greater than the love I’ve shown to you…”

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