14 July 2010

still our home

I just received great news!

After months of exchanging communications with the real estate company, they finally reconsidered and lowered the annual rent of my apartment! Yaaaaay!

I didn’t think they would agree (because they almost never do), which is what happened when I sent my first request 2 months ago...but then I sent another letter asking them to reconsider...and now, after almost 3 weeks, they finally replied with the great news.

I’m so happy! I’ve been living in the apartment for more than six years already. It's been my home since I arrived in UAE, and this is where I began my own family. So many memories have been made here with so many people, and I can’t think of us living anywhere else while we’re here in Dubai.
The building is in a great location...making it easy for us to go to the mall, the church, the metro station, the hospital, the bus stop, the bakery, and supermarket. Most of these places are accessible by just a few minutes walk.

And now, we’re assured that we can afford to stay at the same neighborhood, at the same apartment, and still call it our home...at least, for another year.

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