22 July 2010

busy, busy week

Ever since we were informed that my manager passed away, we have had to go through the piles of papers on his desk and open his drawers to sort out his stuff… a mix of personal and business things. It would have been easy to just give all his personal belongings to his wife...but being a Muslim, he had 2...and they’re both in Egypt. So, that’s one problem (which wife gets what) that we need to sort out. Then, we found out that there were so many pending issues, documents and payments that haven’t been resolved and the papers were just lying on his desk. So of course, we have to sort out all these as well. On top of all that, well, there’s just so many things to do and so many problems that started coming up since his death because of new information that we find out each day. Augh!!!
Anyway, that’s at the office.
When I go home, I rest for a while, watch some TV, then begin preparing our dinner. Yup, you read right...I am actually starting to cook (yay! congratulate me!). Since Caila is vacationing in the Philippines and I still get to leave the office 1 hour earlier than the rest of my colleagues, this leaves me lots of free time on my hands at home. Plus, hubby has been working overtime since Sunday at his new job. So, instead of just lazing around, I decided to start being a good old-fashioned wife so that when my hardworking husband comes home, he can just rest and have a good yummy meal (at least, I hope they were). Since Sunday, I’ve cooked lumpia, beef steak, bangus, and tofu with vegetables. So far, he hasn’t complained (he wouldn’t dare! hahaha!), so that’s a good sign. Unfortunately though, despite the long hours he works at the office, he still brings home some of the things he has to do. This is why he hasn’t been able to work out at the gym and I haven’t been able to go swimming lately. Augh (again)!!!
Well, that’s been my week. Thank God it’s Thursday! Tomorrow, no work. Whoopee!

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