12 July 2010

betting for the heck of it

Yippee! Spain beat Netherlands!

Honestly, I’m not into football. I don’t even know any of the players. I couldn’t care less about who won the World Cup.

But last night, while we were preparing dinner, I informed hubby that Germany secured 3rd place and it was Spain vs. Netherlands in the finals. Unlike me, he LOOVVVEESS the game, but he really wanted Germany to win (so did I, but just because my foster family are Germans).

He asked me who I thought would win, and without thinking, I simply said “Spain” (sorry, Robert!). I didn’t know that a psychic octopus named Paul Allen had predicted the winning teams for each game all throughout FIFA 2010 (seriously?!); I just found that out this morning.

So hubby said that just to make our lives more exciting (yeah right!), and out of loyalty to our good friend from Amsterdam, he would root for Netherlands.

Actually, this is the second time we “bet” on separate teams. There’s no money involved; we do this just for the heck of it.

The first time was during the NBA Playoffs Finals last June between the Lakers and Celtics. Hubby and his friends were all raving for the Celtics, so just to annoy them during the game, I kept cheering for the Lakers. At least in basketball, I know one player...Kobe Bryant (I also know Michael Jordan, but he doesn’t play anymore). You should have seen their faces at the end...it was priceless!

And now, I won the bet again. Yay!

You might ask: what’s at stake for the prize? Well, I always tell hubby “the loser has to treat the winner to dinner at Burj al Arab,” but he has never agreed. So I guess I’ll just settle for a movie or dinner in a restaurant instead...exciting isn't it?

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