15 July 2010


Last Friday when I called Mama for our regular weekly conversation, she reminded me that the payment for her pension was due, and she requested if I could add bit more for her other expenses when I send the money. Considering that I only remit money to her every 3-4 months, I did what she asked over the weekend.
Yesterday, Mama called me to let me know that they were ok despite the arrival of Typhoon Basyang, and she said she just wanted to say THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! (well, you get the picture) for the money I had sent. I couldn’t count the number of times she said that, but it was really heartwarming to hear.

Then I realized how many times have other OFWs sent their hard-earned money to their families in the Philippines without so much as a sincere “thank you” or “take care of yourself” or even “we miss you” when they receive it…then the only time they’ll think of calling their hardworking loved one abroad is when they need money again? Sheeeshh!!!

Anyway, I’m just glad that Mama really appreciated what I sent. The loneliness from being far away from them and the hard work we have to endure is worth hearing how grateful our loved ones are and knowing that they’re ok.

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