23 October 2016

The Moment "Love You Forever" Became My Favorite Children's Book

One of Sophie's assignments at school is to have someone read to her regularly.  Earlier, like all the other nights, I told her to look for a book.  This time, though, she couldn't (or didn't want to) find one that she liked.  So looking through all the books we have, I pulled out one that I was sure she would enjoy.

Me:     This is a nice one! It's a very nice story and it was Ate Caila's favorite.
Caila:  No it's not!
Me:     It was when you were very small.  You even couldn't go to sleep without it.
Caila:  I don't remember. Can you read it to us?

So we settled ourselves on the bed and I started reading the story of a mother's love for her son as he grows from babyhood to an adult.

During the first few pages while I sang the verses of the song, Caila and Sophie would look at the pictures and listen intently.  But as it became familiar, Sophie would then try to sing along.  Until finally, Caila was the one reading the story, Sophie was singing the verse, and I was listening.

As I listened, I realized what a special moment we were having: my two girls and me bonding with a beautiful story of a mother and her child.  I'm sure you can probably guess tears had begun falling from my eyes at this point.  Yes, I'm emotional and sentimental like that.  And I couldn't help giving my daughters a tight hug and telling them "I love you" after we had finished.

Thank you, Robert Munsch, for sending me a copy of your book 6 years ago.  You'll be glad to know it's still being treasured until now.
Now I want to get as many best-selling, meaningful, children's books as possible so that we can have more memorable moments like these.  Any suggestions?

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