09 October 2016

A Fresh Catch of Seafood (and More!) at Max's Restaurant

It's nice to see Filipino brands becoming available wherever there are kabayans and being recognized globally; because aside from making us proud, they really help us not miss home that much.

One of those is "The House that Fried Chicken Built," or more popularly known as Max's Restaurant, which celebrated its 5th year in the Middle East last September. Since it first opened in Karama back in 2011, it has expanded and opened three more branches in the UAE: Al Ghurair Centre, Dragon Mart 2, and Sharjah City Centre...allowing more and more Pinoys (and other nationalities too!) to satisfy their hunger and cravings with their delectable menu items.

Now I love seafood. And as a Pinay in a foreign country with countless restaurants offering an unending variety of cuisines, at the end of a tiring day, I would still prefer to sink my teeth in familiar comfort food from my homeland. So when we received an invitation from Max's through Tito Art Los BaƱos to have a Pinoy Bloggers night at their Al Ghurair branch and try their seafood specials, naturally I was all for it.

That night, we were served a feast of delicious, mouth-watering dishes, freshly prepared by Henry Suarez, Jr., their Executive Chef. But because I'm not that good with words, and since a picture speaks a thousand words, I'll let these shots do the talking so you can see what and how much we enjoyed ☺.

Here's what we had from the sea:
Lapu-Lapu (Deep-Fried Hammour)
Sugpo (Tiger Prawns)
Pusit (Grilled Squid)
Tahong (Mussels)
And as if those weren't enough, we were served Max's popular classic dishes as well!
Sizzling Tofu
Max's Fried Chicken
For dessert, we indulged in their Dessert Sampler of Creme Caramel Brownie ala Mode, Buko Pandan, Leche Flan, and Ube Creme Decadence.
The perfect sweet ending to a scrumptious meal!
Thanks to Tito Art and The Home that Fried Chicken Built, our tummies were extremely satisfied and we all had a great time that night. Delectable food and great people to share these yummy dishes...it was a perfect combination to an enjoyable evening.
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Fil of Sounds Funny and the Not So Funny, Myla of Find Me a Break, yours truly, Joy of The Thrift Trip, 
and Carla of My Yellow Bells
4 Ladies and a Gentleman 
(photo courtesy of Tito Art)
with Executive Chef Henry Suarez, Jr and Tita Elle
Max's Restaurant
Al Ghurair Centre, Deira
Phone: 04-2891342


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