11 October 2016

Can't Help Being Proud!

Two weekends ago, I received an envelope from my eldest’s school. All sorts of things went through my mind as I struggled to open it: Was there a sudden increase in the tuition fee? Is there something we had to pay but overlooked? Or worse, did Caila do something wrong?

But as I unfolded the letter, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. My daughter was an awardee! And we (her parents) were invited to the school’s Annual Prize Day the following Thursday to see her on stage to receive the Endeavour Award for the past school year!
I had to read it again for everything to sink in…and when it did, I hugged and kissed Caila, congratulated her and told her how proud I was, rushed to show the letter to Hubby, and then immediately locked myself in the bathroom to cry my eyes out. Of course I wasn’t crying because I was sad. Naturally, I was thrilled! This was an accomplishment and, I admit, a totally unexpected one.

You see, there were countless evenings I scolded Caila…for not doing her homework because she preferred to play, for having to explain the same thing over and over so she could understand the lesson or problem, for not remembering something I told her a minute ago, or just plain getting angry at her because she simply wasn’t listening. I hate to admit it but my shouts and her cries were almost a regular occurrence at home.

I became frustrated with her and more frustrated at myself for being short-tempered. My own father had been a teacher/lecturer/Vice Principal/Principal, so you’d have thought his patience and understanding in handling kids would have been passed on to me. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Oh it wasn’t like that every night, though. We also had some good days when we had no problems at all and Caila completed her assignments enthusiastically. But the bad days occurred more frequently. And when we received the report of her grades last June, Hubby and I were simply relieved that they weren’t as bad as we feared.

Then the letter happened. And somehow, my doubts of whether or not being a (semi) Tiger Mom was worth all those frustrating nights disappeared. Because I know her capabilities and I want her to do her best. And look what it gained!
When I told Mama about the letter, I couldn’t help being teary-eyed. As I took pictures while Caila received the glass plaque on stage, I felt tears falling. And even now while I’m typing this post, I can feel a lump in my throat, trying to hold back the tears of pride and joy.

Out of 25 kids in the class, there were only three who received awards, and she was one of them!  What can I say?  I am just so proud of her!

My dear Caila,

As if we haven't told you several times already, know and remember that Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you.  Masaya na kami that you were able to pass; bonus lang itong award! ☺ 

Thank you, Anak. Your award is a medal to my heart.

I'm sorry if I keep nagging you and raise my voice often...whether it's for school work or learning something new.  This is simply because I want you to be the best that you can be.  You can achieve and do anything you want as long as you put your heart, mind, and soul in it.  So don't ever think you can't attain something...because you can.  We know you can.

Last night before going to sleep, you led the family prayer as you always do.  But aside from saying what you and Sophie have already memorized, you added something new: for Papa God to help you understand and learn your lessons in school so that you can always do well.

I was so happy to hear you utter that request.  It shows that although you may know your capabilities, you still need His help.  And in the sincere way you asked, I'm sure Papa God will answer your prayers, Anak.  Just believe in yourself, the way we believe in you.

I love you always!


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