16 October 2016

Sushi Restaurant - A Hidden Gem in Sharjah

A restaurant with a name like Sushi Restaurant doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? And if you’re from Dubai and told that it’s located at the Industrial Area in Sharjah, I’m sure you’d forgo the idea of travelling all the way there, right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to us one Friday after Hubby and I attended a presentation. One of the Titos we know from the CFC community invited us to try the restaurant for lunch; but it was only when Tito Rick guaranteed that the food was really delicious did Hubby and I agree to join; and despite their hesitations, we convinced our friends Oliver and Ana to go with us as well ☺

Our convoy group of 3 cars arrived just as the restaurant opened after prayer time which was a good thing because no one wanted to wait outside in the scorching summer heat.

Although we were each given menus, we simply browsed through them and let Tito Rick and Sir Ranz do the ordering. After all, they dine there frequently and they’re friends with the lady who manages the place, so naturally they know what are the best items to order.

As we waited for the food, I looked around the restaurant. It was quite spacious with minimal Japanese decors; and diners had options to eat at the counter, tables, or booths, or in one of the private tatami rooms at the back.
We had the chance to meet Ms. Virgy, Sushi Restaurant's Operations Consultant. Apparently, she used to live in Japan which is where she acquired the knowledge of how to cook Japanese food the right way, what are the finest ingredients to use, and where to get them. At a young age, she was already an accomplished businesswoman! And she was very pretty too. I couldn’t help saying that she looked just like the Filipina actress Liza DiƱo.

Anyway, on to the reason why we were there: the food.

To start with, we were given Miso Soup.  It wasn't like the ordinary miso soup that is served in most restaurants in the UAE.  This was made with authentic seafood all the way from Japan!
This was soon followed by the Beef Teriyaki Rolls and delicious Dynamite Maki that had just the right amount of spiciness so that non-spicy lovers (like me) could still enjoy the flavour without having to immediately try to drown it with water.
As we were finishing off the rolls, the server approached our table with a plate of Ahms, which were rolls topped with Pik-Nik.  Yes, the potato snack.  I thought it was weird, but amazingly, the combination worked.  The slight saltiness and crunch of the potato sticks made the ordinary rolls more appetizing.
The rolls were followed shortly by the Yaki Noodles (stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, and all sorts of vegetables) and Chicken Teriyaki.   Yes, the restaurant doesn't just serve sushi and maki rolls ☺
From what we had already eaten, we thought that was that.  But then Sir Ranz requested for the Salmon Head in Teriyaki Sauce, and Ms. Virgy told us to try the Peppered Beef and Jasmine & Green Tea Beef as well.  We tasted, and tried some more.  And naturally, being typically Pinoy, once when we realized they were delicious, we knew we wouldn't be able to enjoy these alone...we had to have rice.  So if anyone had been planning to diet and limit their carb intake, they had to postpone it until later ☺
No dining experience is complete without having dessert, and we topped off our visit with the Tiramisu which was in a chocolate ball.  You can either break open the ball normally by tapping your dessert spoon or fork against it, or go through the dramatic experience by pouring the warm caramel over it and watch the chocolate melt.
Of course we chose the latter, and as Hubby poured the caramel over the ball and we watched the ball open up, we really couldn't help exclaiming Wow!

A video posted by _ guChi _ (@guchi_boi) on

Doesn't it look just heavenly?!  I think he poured all the caramel in the jar so it was really sweet, but I assure you it still tasted absolutely delicious.  Honestly speaking, it's one of the best tiramisu desserts I've ever tried!
Being a Friday afternoon, it was understandable that the place wouldn’t be packed. However, I did notice that they received quite a number of calls for delivery orders, and a few locals arrived and dined in. I could tell that one family was a regular because they greeted Ms. Virgy like an old friend as she approached them.  That alone shows how good the food is and what kind of service you can expect from the staff.

As for the price, a quick glance at their menu shows that it's not exactly cheap; but it's not too pricey either.  Let's just say you'll get your money's worth and you'll definitely be satisfied.

Before we left, I requested for a picture with Ms. Virgy.  Partly because I wanted a remembrance of our group that day, and partly because I wanted to show you guys how similar she looks to Aiza Seguerra's wife ☺
she's the one in the right beside the lady in grey who obviously gained a few pounds from eating all that food 
Big thanks to Sir Ranz and Tito Rick for the treat!  If it weren't for their invitation, we wouldn't have discovered this hidden gem in Sharjah.  It was truly a great gastronomical experience!

Disclaimer: We were invited by friends to eat at Sushi Restaurant without any obligation whatsoever.  However, we were so pleased with our experience that I wanted to share it on my blog.

Sushi Restaurant
University City Road
Industrial Area 13, Sharjah
Phone: 06-5570577

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