03 February 2016

Review: Chocolate Spa and Hot Oil Treatment at Queens Beauty Lounge

Last week I was contemplating on visiting the salon near our home. Nine months after having my hair rebonded, the curls and waves were already showing, and because of this, my hair was in the early stages of frizziness. Plus, my nails were in desperate need of cleaning because it’s been months since I’ve had a mani-pedi.

So just when I was wondering if I had time to visit the neighborhood salon that weekend, I received an invitation in my inbox from no less than Sakshi Nath to try the services of Queens Beauty Lounge. Hurray! The heavens must have heard the cries of my nails and hair! ☺ Of course I grabbed the opportunity and booked an appointment right away.
I arrived at their Marina branch which was just a few minutes walk from the DAMAC metro station, and was immediately greeted by Jasmine.
After confirming with me what I wanted to have done, I was then led by Rose to one of the chairs where I settled down and allowed her and Chamomile to give me my first ever manicure and pedicure chocolate treatment.

Yup, you read right…CHOCOLATE! When Sakshi sent me the different treatments Queens was offering for their Valentines campaign, I couldn’t believe my luck. Not only would my tips and toes be taken care of, my arms and legs would be wrapped in luscious chocolate too! Woohoo!

Of course they didn’t use edible chocolate. There's a special cocoa that’s used and mixed with oil, and this brown-gray muddy mixture softens the skin and makes it slightly lighter.

After scrubbing my arms to make them clean, Chamomile then began covering my arms with the chocolate substance, and finally wrapped them in plastic; only taking the plastic off and removing the chocolate with a moist towel once she was done with my manicure. She then rubbed some vanilla-scented cream on my arms, making them smell more heavenly and delicious. Rose did the same thing with my legs and feet, although it took her longer because she also scrubbed off the dead skin. Of course I didn’t mind. It gave my feet and toes the long overdue spa pedicure they deserved.
As for the color, naturally I chose the nail polish that fit the experience
chocolate all the way! ☺
I was still admiring my nails, arms, and legs (they were sooo soft!) when Daisy called me for my next experience: a hot oil treatment. And again, it was my first time (because my hair only knows rebonding and cutting). I had to change into a thin slip-like blouse, but once I sat in the chair in front of the mirror, I simply enjoyed the second treatment. The lemongrass oil was in a burner where Daisy dipped a cotton pad in, and applied the warm oil in sections of my scalp.
She immediately followed this by giving me a massage on my neck and shoulders with a pressure that was just perfect, removing most of the knots and tension, and practically lulling me to sleep. Once done, she placed the hair steamer above my head; so with nothing else to do, I just sat back and waited until it was time to have my hair washed.
You would think that this ordinary-looking chair was just that, but as I sat back while my hair was shampooed and conditioned, I felt parts of the chair move under my body, just like those massage chairs you see in the malls. Cool!
Finally, my crowning glory was blown, dried, and brushed…making it soft and bouncy just like the commercials.

I changed back into my clothes, stepped in my shoes, and two and a half hours after I entered Queens Beauty Lounge, I left it feeling totally relaxed and fully pampered, just like a queen.
with Sakshi Nath, owner of Queens Beauty Lounge
My verdict? Queens Beauty Lounge is a place you can be assured to be taken care of. It has a wide menu of items that will give your entire body the care and pampering it deserves…from the hair down to the toes; the staff are all friendly and really know what they’re doing; and most importantly, the tools used are clean and sanitized. Definitely highly recommended.

Queens Beauty Lounge is currently running a campaign called "Chocoluscious Valentines" and "The 14 Days of Valentines," with various packages and chocolate treatments you can choose from at special rates.
Call 04-4279689 (Marina) or 04-4214267 (JLT) to set an appointment and take advantage of the promotion until the 14th of February.

I was invited to try the services of Queens Beauty Lounge, but all words and opinions are my own.

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