31 August 2014

Germany Getaway: Time to Say Auf Wiedersehen

On our last morning in Germany, Hubby and I woke up to an empty house. Because they had closed the clinic the day before, Dad and Mom had many patients to attend to. We didn’t have breakfast alone though. Sebastian and Michaela arrived to have breakfast with us, and later, Stef passed by with her friend Benny to drop off some stuff that needed storage at the basement. Of course we took pictures before finally leaving the place we called home for the past ten days.

Before dropping us off at Dusseldorf Airport, M&S took us to the clinic so that we could see Dad and Mom. As I said, they had many patients so they were really busy when we arrived. They were both with their respective patients, but they managed to slip out so that we could say our goodbyes and thank yous. Being the crybaby I am, my eyes welled up and tears started falling as soon as Dad opened his arms for a big hug.

Our Germany trip was truly unforgettable. All credit of course to the Macha family for taking care of us and making sure that we had a great time. I would really like to visit again in the not so distant future; hopefully of course with our kids in tow next time. 

Some day…some day…

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