07 August 2014

Germany Getaway: Lunch with Friends

Just a very brief background: Before our group visited them back in 2005, none or very few of the host families knew each other. But because of our visit and the group activities, some of them became good friends over the years. And friendships such as these include Mom and Dad.

We woke up on Sunday morning much later than usual, but with enough time for us to have a quick breakfast. We couldn’t laze around that much though, because guests were coming over for lunch. We were supposed to have a barbecue picnic at the back yard, but because the weather was so unpredictable since Thursday (it was raining one minute, and the sun would shine the next, and then it would rain again…every day!), we decided to have it indoors instead.

Slowly the guests started arriving. Daddy Luigi came first, then Daddy Jurgen and Mommy Agnes, then the newlyweds joined us, and Mommy Marlena arrived later in the afternoon.

It was a hearty lunch filled with yummy food (mostly leftovers from the party, but still delicious) and German, English and Tagalog conversations that were a mix of serious, touching, and funny.

It was really, really good to see them all again.

with Daddy Luigi
with Mommy Agnes and Daddy Jurgen (aka Santa Claus)

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